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To frequent travelers priority pass has been providing airport lounge access worldwide since 1992. It network of lounge continuously growing in strength to strength today. All this journey began with simple idea of providing comfortable lounge access to all of those passengers who value the integrity and comfort in their journey. By paying the little amount of money and becoming the member of priority pass one can get access to large number of VIP airport lounges worldwide. Actually 27 years ago it all began with the idea when the founder of priority pass watched premium class airline ticket holders enjoying the exclusivity and tranquility of their airport lounges at the same time he endured the chaos of the departure hall. His idea was to create an independent airport lounge access program which provide easy access to airport lounges worldwide to passenger who are the member of this program. Once the people who have to travel frequently due to their work or leisure purposes even and they want to avoid the hustle involved in the usual or economy class departure and arrival. Since then priority pass is delivering excellence in shape of pure comfort to their valuable customer due to which this company is continuously growing day by day and month by month there are more lounges added worldwide at different airports adding more numbers in already present huge list of lounges worldwide. Priority pass is already proud to offer their customer thirteen hundred plus lounges worldwide in one hundred and forty eight different countries and in six hundreds plus different cities. This number is continuously growing day by day. And the privileges of membership are the kind of offer which no one else is able to offer in this industry like priority pass. So many other companies have tried to follow the same idea and tried to deliver but no one is still able to deliver the kind of comfort and privileges which priority pass is offering to the frequent travelers worldwide. They have different sort of membership plans which suits the various kind of travelers and their need. Obviously the frequency of travelling and destinations is something which is different incase of every frequent traveler so for everyone with different requirement of having access to priority lounges have different membership plan available which customer can choose according to their requirement and choice. They also offer very effective membership support service to their customer through which their customer can avail lot of help after becoming a member of this priority pass. In short priority pass is trying best to give lot out of their membership to their customer in shape of additional comforts and privileges added to their membership. These spacious lounges which priority pass is offering has lot for every sort of passenger regardless their purpose of travel either they are travelling for business purposes or for leisure these lounges have everything which matter to you when it comes to your comfort and luxury when travelling. The benefit of the membership of priority does not remain to the service of spacious and luxury lounges only but there are many other benefits which this privilege membership will help you avail. Depending upon the membership plan you are availing there are some membership plans which include lot of additional features like many discount on lot of airport counters. On lot of airport dinning, retail and spa through membership of priority pass customer can avail discount and redeem special offers and packages on their products and services. These number of privileges retailers and dinning outlets and spa are also continuously increasing day by day as this company is continuously adding and contracting with large number of retailers worldwide at different airport to provide special packages to their privilege member. In shape of excellent customer service and support service which is available in many international languages 24 hours a day, round the week, 7 days a week and 365 days a year this company is facilitating their customer by providing information of the privileges involved at different destinations worldwide. There are corporate plans available for big companies to avail these spacious features of priority travelling to their employees. Through these corporate package there are lot of big companies which are providing the facility of priority airport lounges to their employees who need to travel more frequent due to their job description. They have different packages and plan for everyone.

Standard Membership Plan

This is the standard membership plan which is only available at the rate of US dollar 99 annual fees. Through this membership all of those who are frequent travelers but they have to travel occasionally this package suits them the best. They have to pay less annual fees but they have to pay very reasonable per visit fee of US dollar 32 for themselves as the member and as the guest. Because the member can also avail the facility of spacious priority lounges for their guest even after paying very normal charges which in case of this package is same as for themselves as the member which is only dollar 32 per visit. 

Standard Plus Membership Plan

This package is available for the customer who are more frequent travelers. Because in case of this package member have to pay comparatively more annual fee and less per visit charges for the members and their guest. In this membership plan customer has to pay only US dollar 299 as annual fees which is obviously higher with compare to standard package but when it comes to per visit charges customer can save a lot of money as in this package the customer have 10 visits are free and after 10 visits customer are charged US dollar 32 per visit although their guest are not included in first 10 free visit so in case of having guest along with US dollar 32 is per visit charges they have to pay on every visit. There are many other packages which are also available for the customer either individuals or companies they can contact to their customer support to inquire and avail these packages which are available to fit the requirement of different sort of travelers and customer. 

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