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Pad and quill is a Minneapolis, Mississippi based family based business which started in 2010 with only 1200 dollars. Pad and quill objective is to designed and produced highest quality material and workmanship, every single piece is manufactured and designed while keeping in view the requirements and demands of modern age at the same time considering the traditions of the past. It is a family owned business in which a couple and a business partners Mr. and Mrs. Pad and quill started this business. It is very interesting story how they started this business in order to create their website they had to paint the deck of their web designer in exchange and they started selling 4 quality proto types Ipad leather cases online. Since then they are very proud to have been working with some of the best craftsmen and women on the planet who are known to have manufactured and design very beautiful, unique and durable in quality products which are always appreciated by their customer which help them grow their business very rapidly. They refuse to compromise on the quality of the products they manufacture and sell because pad and quill take the quality of their products as the matter of their integrity which they never would like to compromise. They manage to source all the required material to their production team very responsible considering all aspects of quality production the required essence is supplied to their one of the best production team which is comprises of some of the best artisans who take pride in their work and workstation. They say they maintain the best quality of their product for their own piece of mind because they believe to have aim to achieve customer satisfaction through quality production which should be never compromised. It is not what they just only say for the sake of assumption but through various warranties they ensure their objective is being achieve in shape of their vision of their customer satisfaction. Before the product is entitled to have inscribed with pad and quill sign it has to fulfill certain quality test which is the code of conduct of pad and quill team. This code of conduct is comprises of the list all what they promise with their customer about their products and all what it takes to achieve excellence in terms of quality production, design and durability. 

Gladstone Leather briefcase (an iconic leather bag for men)

This is very fancy unique and classic leather bag of pad and quill. It is manufactured with American sourced absolutely finest full grain leather. This leather bag has very stylish and durable uphostry and grade herringbone fabric lining. What make this leather bag more unique and classic is it Iconic Gladstone ultra-wide hinged opening with spacious interior which is signed discreetly on the interior by the Artisan. Despite being rivet secured and padded it also has 15″ laptop pocket with large internal zipper pocket it also has 2 interior accessory pockets & 2 pen holders. Exterior is also loaded with one slip pocket for newspaper and dual exterior side organizer slip pockets. This bag is very comfortable to carry as it is only 4.6 pounds in weight and it’s handle with copper river fastenings plus it has ergonomic & removable Shoulder Strap included which makes it more comfortable to carry as per your liking. With extremely durable sailcloth stitching this bag is very strong and durable that is why pad and quill offer 25 year leather warranty & 30-day money-back promise when you buy this fancy and classic leather bag.

Classic laptop messenger bag (water resistant canvas & leather messenger bag)

Pad and quill offers free domestic shipping when you order this beautiful classic and durable fine quality leather messenger bag. This bag has padded laptop pocket which fits up to 15” macbook pro 2018. With Signature orange lining it becomes very easy for you to find your stuff inside because dark interior make it difficult to search some small items inside your bag whereas this color is light which obviously helps your belonging to become easily visible to your when you search them inside this fancy leather bag. This beautiful bag is manufactured from full grain American bridle leather with water resistant 18 oz twill woven waxed canvas. What make this bag is durable is its parachute grade stitching which will help you sustain this bag for long time. It also has quick access newspaper pocket. The interior unlike many other ordinary bags is very highly organized. This multi pocket interior helps you keep your belonging separately and at the time when of your need you may pick that thing easily because of this multi pocket well organized interior. With 25 years of leather warranty and 30 days money back promise if pad and quill is offering this messenger bag in very reasonable price then there must be a quality in its production which is giving them a confidence to offer such a dared warrant obviously one can easily understand why would someone will make a 30 day return promise unless and until the seller is very confident in the fine quality of their product which is giving them a confidence to offer such an impressive offer. Moreover it also has quick access iphone pocket which enable you to securely put your phone inside this bag too. This bag is very easy and comfortable to carry because is it very handy in carrying due to its design and it weights is only 3.7 pound which make it very light to carry and it’s cascading bridle leather cover flap make it very secure closure for your stuff inside this beautiful leather bag when you are carrying it. All the hardware which is being used in this messenger leather bag is rugged aged nickel. This leather bag interior has one more additional feature and that is it’s secure interior zippered compartment. This leather bag with all it features as described is one complete solution for you hand carry belongings in a most admirable and classic way to carry with you.

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