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This is very famous online store which is very well known to deliver plants online. How it was all started is a very interesting story because the couple the owner of this company they started this business with 10 by 10 small booth in the fall of 2004. The couple owner started their business as a small vendor who started selling lucky bamboo arrangements at local farmer’s market in San Diego. They tried their best to make as much plant available as much possible for them in that both. In those day they kept struggling and they used to find themselves very lucky if they could be able to sell single plant someday but their persistency was rewarded in shape of their booth turning into a small shop and since then they started gaining popularity with regular market shoppers. With the passage of time they started receiving request from many market shoppers about creating a website and start doing online business the owner Jason and Renee launched easternleaf.com at the end of 2004. With having little technical background Jason designed and coded an online store overnight and launched his website very next day and lucky right after launching their website within 5 hours they received their first order. Although that first was not turn out to be a successful delivery at first attempt because when the plant was received by the customer the pot was already wrecked during delivery but with little precaution and extra care in the packing Jason learnt to ensure the safe and sound delivery of the product and all this successful online store now had begun it journey from there. After operating from their garage for two years. They moved to their first warehouse in 2006. Initially they never imagine that they would be able to fill the facility of 1200 square feet because at that time they only had three pallet of inventory but luckily right after one year they needed to move to bigger place as that facility became short of space. Over the next two years gradually they kept adding more products in their inventory and expanding their selection of Lucky Bamboo, Money Tree, Bonsai Tree, Orchids and other products. Gradually four years later this couple had to purchase a large nursery in order to meet the demand of their business. This is how eastern leaf continued to grow and became one of the most trusted source of line supplier of Lucky Bamboo, Bonsai Trees, Money Trees, home décor items and orchids. With the passage of time Eastern Leaf became so famous and fortunate enough to have their products listed in various famous magazines and publication including Better Homes & Garden, Martha Stewart Living as well as an appearance on famous television show extreme makeover home edition. Eastern Leaf has also help large number of big and famous companies to promote an eco-friendly campaigns besides their products are widely appreciated and displayed in wedding and parties as event favors. Despite the large variety of plants they provide excellent customer service in order to make sure the entire process of this online order until the end process i.e delivery their customer enjoys and appreciate that is why their business is keep growing day by day.

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is not actually a tree instead it is the name of the Japanese art of cultivating small plant in a tray which look like an old big tree. There are large variety of plants available worldwide with small cultivation techniques they can be planted in trays and pot and these plants are small in size but apparently look like big aged old tree. All this process start from sourcing the material which mean the kind of plant seed which can train according to the wish of grower. The biggest challenge in this entire process of bonsai is to collect suitable Bonsai plant in its original wild condition and successfully moving it and replanting it especially when it comes to be doing it on commercial where you have entire nursery of which need to be taken care off is a huge challenge which Jason and Jenee the owner of Eastern Leaf has met and qualified it successfully. Jason is very expert in this field and someone who do not need any introduction in Bonsai community because he is very active in Bonsai Community. In 2014 the owner of Eastern Leaf Jason is elected to the board of Golden State Bonsai Federation. In 2015 he became the editor of Golden statements GSBF’s quarterly Bonsai publication. Locally he has served as an officer for Kofu Bonsai Kai, which is one of the California’s largest Bonsai club.

Money Tree

All over the world different plants are considered to be fortune bringer in home if planted inside home. There is a perception among the people that this plant has something to do with the good fortune. Some people believed that by planting this tree good fortune comes into the house hold in terms of too much money. With this perception in mind or not but still lot of people like to plant this tree in their homes because it is very beautiful tree. On Eastern Leaf store you may find the large variety of money tree available on very reasonable prices. Braided money tree is one of the top seller among all money tree available on easternleaf.com. This beautiful tree flourish with five leaf sprouts. It look very adorable when the classic and contrasting color of green leaves of the money tree with the contemporary black, red or white ceramic make this money tree plant a perfect addition to a corporate environment or your modern home. Through various discount and coupon codes there are many attractive discounts available on this online store easternleaf.com which can be available and besides these coupon and deals the normal rates are also very reasonable with perfect delivery timing and efficient customer service easternleaf.com is the perfect solution for you when it comes to buying the money tree plant for your office or your home.

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